What are suggested members?

This article refers to a feature that is only available to Dropbox Business teams. Specifically, team admins will see a pop-up window on the Insights tab of the admin console, where Dropbox suggests new members to add to a team.

As a Dropbox Business team admin, members of your team can also suggest new members to add to the team via the Team tab in their account. 

If you're the admin of a Dropbox Business team or a free team, you may also receive requests from non-members to join your team. 

The Suggested members feature suggests additional people to add to your Dropbox Business team. See below for answers to specific questions on this feature.

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How does Dropbox determine suggested members for my team?

Suggested team members will fulfill all three of the following criteria:

  1. The suggested member will share the same email domain with the Dropbox Business admin
  2. The suggested member will be a current member of a shared folder on the Dropbox Business team account
  3. The suggested member is not currently a member of the Dropbox Business team

How can I see all of the suggested members for my team?

The list of suggested members can be accessed from the Insights page of the Admin Console. On the Insights page, scroll to the bottom to see suggestions. You can also invite suggested members directly from this page.

  • Note: This section of the Insights page will only appear if there are suggested members for the Dropbox Business team.

Which shared folders will a suggested member have access to?

To check the sharing status of a suggested member, the admin of a Dropbox Business team can view sharing activity by viewing a sharing audit log from the Activity page of the Admin Console. Sharing audit logs capture information on both shared folders and shared links. For many of these events, the logs will also specify whether the action involves someone outside your team.

Certain actions are not visible in the Admin Console but are available to view once a report has been created. This includes adding files from a shared link to Dropbox and accessing a shared link.

Dropbox Business account admins can set permissions for the whole team, determining whether members can share links and/or folders outside of the Dropbox Business account.

Why should I add suggested members to my Dropbox Business team?

We recommend adding suggested members to your team for a few reasons:

  1. You’ll get control over data, with remote wipe and account transfer capabilities with any Dropbox Business member
  2. Team members will get more space, improved collaboration features, and longer version history
  3. You’ll increase productivity on your team and have more control over the data

How do I add suggested members to my Dropbox Business team?

You can invite suggested members to your Dropbox Business team in two ways:

  • Go to the Insights tab to view suggested members and invite them to your team
  • Go to the Members tab in the Admin Console and click Invite members
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