How to self-sign a document

Updated Jan 08, 2024
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This article describes a feature that is available to all Dropbox customers.  All Dropbox customers can self-sign an unlimited number of documents.

You can self-sign a document on, then send the signed document to anyone who needs a copy. 


Learn how to self-sign a PDF on the Dropbox mobile app.

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Note: If you’re on a Dropbox team account, you may not be able to self-sign if your admin has turned off Signatures for your team. Learn more about the Signatures page for Dropbox team accounts.

How to self-sign a document 

To self-sign a document:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Signatures in the left sidebar.
  3. Click Sign yourself.
  4. Check the box next to the file you’d like to use. You can use the search bar or navigate through My Files or Recents if it doesn’t show up immediately.
    • Note: You can also upload a file by clicking Upload file in the lower left.
  5. Click Choose
    • Note: If you don’t have a Dropbox Sign account, accept terms and conditions and click Agree to continue. 
  6. Place the signer fields. Learn more about using the Dropbox sign editor.
  7. Click Next. 
  8. Manually draw your signature or select from the other options:
    • Draw your signature. 
    • Type your signature. 
    • Upload a photo. 
    • Insert a recently Saved signature. 
  9. Click Next. 
  10. Choose a location to save the document. 
  11. Click Save. 
  12. Your signed document will appear in the Documents tab.
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