How to add a signature to a PDF

Signatures added to PDFs through this feature are legally-binding.

You can self-sign PDFs while editing them on Using this feature will link your Dropbox Sign and primary Dropbox accounts if both are under the same email address. If you don’t already have a Dropbox Sign account, self-signing a PDF on will create a Basic account under the email affiliated with your Dropbox account.

Note: This feature is for self-signing only. 

To add a signature in a PDF:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click the name of the PDF file you’d like to sign.
  3. Click Edit above the file preview. This will open the editing mode.
  4. Click Sign above the file preview. 
  5. Add your signature. 
    • To draw a signature, click Draw from within the Sign toolbar. Add your signature using your mouse or mousepad. 
    • To type your signature, click Type, then type your name. To change the signature font, click Change font in the lower left of the signature window.
    • To upload your signature, click Upload. Click Upload Photo to make a selection from your desktop or Dropbox files. 
      • Note: Signature photos must be smaller than 40MB and must be one of these file types: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, or .gif.
  6. Click Insert to add your selected signature option to the PDF. 
  7. Click Done.
  8. Click Save a copy or Replace original.
    • If you choose Save a copy, your edited PDF will be saved as a new file within your Dropbox account. Anyone with access to the original file won’t see the changes.
      • You may also access your signed documents from Signatures on your Dropbox home page.
    • If you choose Replace original, your edited PDF will replace the original file in your Dropbox account. Everyone with access to the original file will see the changes.
      • Note: You can only replace the original if you are the file owner or have edit access.
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