Can’t open a web-based file

Updated Sep 26, 2023

If your web-based file isn’t opening, a few things could have happened:

  • The file that won’t open is a copy of another file created while the person copying the file was offline or not syncing to Dropbox. While the copy was being made, the original file was either deleted or the person copying the file had their access to the file removed.
  • The file extension was changed (for example, “.paper” to “.doc”).

Recreate the copy from the original file

If the original file was deleted, restore it. Then make a copy again.

If access to the original file was removed, make sure the person copying the file has access to it by having someone with access to the file share it with that person. Then make a copy again.

Undo changes made to the file extension

Undo any changes that were made to the file extension.

If that doesn’t fix it, try rolling the file back to a previous version.

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