How to use the Dropbox Passwords security dashboard

This feature is available to users on Dropbox Basic, Plus, Family, and Professional plans. 

You can view and access data about your accounts in the Dropbox Passwords security dashboard, which shows if any of your accounts have been breached or have weak or reused passwords. 

Viewing the security dashboard

The security dashboard is only visible in the Dropbox Passwords browser extension. To access the security dashboard:

  1. Open the Dropbox Passwords browser extension.
  2. Click your initials in the top right corner. A dropdown will appear.
  3. In the dropdown, click Security dashboard. From the dashboard, you can view Breaches and Password alerts

Breaches tab

Under the Breaches tab, you can see if an account linked to an email address you’ve stored in Passwords has been compromised. If you want to be notified when an account has been breached, enable breach monitoring.  

Password alerts tab

Under the Password alerts tab, you can filter accounts by Weak, Reused, or All passwords. You can also sort accounts by A-Z, Z-A, or Password strength. To view specific account details, click the account name. The account’s username, password, password strength, website URL, and the date the account was added to Dropbox Passwords will appear. 

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