How to use Dropbox faster with keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help you use Dropbox faster. Keyboard shortcuts are available on and the Dropbox desktop app.

Keyboard shortcuts on

On, click Files and press the ? key (question mark) to access the full keyboard shortcut menu. Shortcuts on include:

  • or (up and down arrow keys): Move between files or folders
  • Enter (enter or return key): Open a file or folder
  • / (forward slash key): Search files and folders

Note: Keyboard shortcuts will only work while you're in the Files tab of

Select multiple files

Using keyboard shortcuts, you can select multiple files on

To select multiple consecutive files or folders:

  1. Select the first item.
  2. Press and hold Shift.
  3. Click the last item.

To select multiple nonconsecutive files or folders:

  1. Press and hold Ctrl (control on Windows) or (command on Mac).
  2. Select all files or folders you want.

Keyboard shortcuts on the Dropbox desktop app

In the Dropbox desktop app, you can use keyboard shortcuts in the app itself or in a file’s expanded preview window. 

In the desktop app

Keyboard shortcuts in the Dropbox desktop app include:

  • Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl (Windows)-B: Bold
  • Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl (Windows)-I: Italic
  • Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl (Windows)-option (Mac)/Alt (Windows)-S: Strikethrough
  • Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl (Windows)-K: Create link
  • [-]-spacebar: Create a to-do
  • --spacebar: Bulleted list
  • 1.-spacebar: Numbered list
  • @-[name]: @mention someone

In the expanded preview

To open the expanded preview:

  1. Open the desktop app.
  2. Click a file.
  3. Click the expand preview icon (arrow symbol in the upper-right corner).

Shortcuts in the expanded preview include:

  • or (left and right arrow keys): Move between files and folders, scroll left/right in file
  • or (up and down arrow keys): Move to next or previous page within a PDF/PPT file or scroll up and down within a PDF file
  • Page Up and Page Down keys: Move to next or previous page within a PDF/PPT file
  • Home and End keys: Move to first or last page of a PDF/PPT file
  • Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl (Windows)-+/-: Zoom in and out
  • Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl (Windows)-0: Zoom to 100%
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