What is Dropbox Standard?

Updated Dec 11, 2023

Dropbox Standard offers powerful storage, sharing, and collaboration tools.  Standard helps teams organize, get in sync, and stay focused on their most important work with 5 TB of space and easy-to-use team management and collaboration tools.

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What features are available to teams on Dropbox Standard?

Dropbox Standard is built for teams who need powerful sharing and collaboration tools. With Dropbox Standard, you'll get:

  • Storage. Get 5 TB of storage to share among the entire team.
  • File access and data security. Centralize your organization's files and data in a single place, with control over who can access files, how, and for how long.
  • Admin controls. Manage team members and team data from a simple, elegant admin console.
  • File versioning. Restore previous versions of files with 180 day version history. Admins can also see file history and activity logs for 180 days after an event occurs.
  • Large file delivery. Send files using Dropbox Transfer, with a transfer size limit of 2 GB.
  • Quick recovery. Use Dropbox Backup to keep important files and folders safe and to quickly recover content if something goes wrong.
  • Account security. Keep your online accounts safe with Dropbox Passwords.
  • Support. Receive priority email support, live chat support, and phone support during business hours.

FAQs about Dropbox Standard

How much does Dropbox Standard cost?

The cost of Dropbox Standard is determined by several factors, including the number of members on a team and your geographic location.

How can I purchase Dropbox Standard?

To purchase the Dropbox Standard plan, visit the main purchase page.

Can I migrate an existing team to Dropbox Standard?

Yes, if you have an existing team account, you can migrate to Dropbox Standard.

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