What is the Dropbox Replay storage limit?

Updated May 01, 2024
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This article describes a feature available to customers on Dropbox Replay.

Your Dropbox Replay storage limit depends on your Dropbox plan storage. Replay allows you to create new files or projects, and add existing files and updated versions of your file or project. 


Files added to Replay directly from your local drive, Google Drive, OneDrive, third-party editing software, or any source other than your Dropbox, will count against your Dropbox Replay storage limit and your Dropbox plan storage limit. Files added to Replay from your Dropbox account don't count towards your Dropbox plan storage limit.

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Note: From May 22, 2024, you can track how much storage space your Replay files are using in the Storage Space breakdown. Only Replay files uploaded on or after that date will use your available storage space.

Replay has these additional file limits:

  • Dropbox Basic: 4 files
  • Dropbox Plus: 4 files 
  • Dropbox Family: 4 files
  • Dropbox Professional: 4 files 
  • Dropbox Essentials: 10 files
  • Dropbox Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise: 4 files 
  • Dropbox Business and Business Plus: 10 files


The Dropbox Replay Add-On allows you to archive your Replay video files to your Dropbox account, so you can free up storage space in Replay to upload or create more projects.

Learn more about how to manage files and projects in Dropbox Replay.

How to check your storage limit in Dropbox Replay

To check your current storage limit:

  1. Log in to dropbox.com.
  2. Click the avatar (profile picture or initials) in the top right.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click Plan.


In the Storage space breakdown, you can review how much storage space is being used by Replay.

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  • If a team member uploads a new version of a file to a project, that file will count against the storage limit of the owner of the project, not the team member that added a new version.
  • Admins that take ownership or reassign files from a former team member will have those files count against their storage limit. 
  • If a file or project is reassigned to a team member by an admin, that file or project will count against their storage limit because they are the new owner.

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