Plan your Dropbox deployment

We’ve already covered how to set up groups, team folders, and security permissions. To ensure your team transitions smoothly to Dropbox Business, you should next develop a plan for inviting your coworkers and migrating company data. This process of planning and provisioning users can take several weeks depending on the complexity of your organization. In this stage, you should brainstorm your preferred deployment method and approach (small pilot, phased roll out, or inviting everyone at once), the technical aptitude of your team, and potential integrations.

More information

Admins of Enterprise teams can monitor and manage team members who are using a work email address for their personal Dropbox account. 

Learn more about using domain insights and account capture to prevent unauthorized Dropbox usage on a company domain.

How to: view & add licenses for your team

As an admin of a Dropbox Business account, you can view the number of licenses and space available for your team:

1. Sign in to with your admin credentials.

2. Open the Admin Console.

3. Click Dashboard.

From this page, you can view the available storage space for your team. You can also access the number of available licenses, and buy more if needed.

If your team is nearing its storage limit, please contact Dropbox support—we may be able to increase your storage space limit. To contact support, click the Help tab of the admin console.

Add licenses or space to your Dropbox Business team.

Set up a test run

Before onboarding your full team, pilot Dropbox to a few users to verify your settings. For example, consider testing your account configuration, communications, and training plan with the IT team or a group of champion users at your company. After you invite a few users to the team, give them several days to validate test cases and confirm that requirements meet expectations in the onboarding process.

How to: add team members

Only team admins and user management admins can invite members to your Dropbox Business account. Each invited member uses one of your plan’s licenses.

You can invite members through the admin console or an integration (we’ll get to that in a minute). We recommend that you use the admin console to invite pilot users.

1. Sign in to using your admin credentials.

2. Click Admin Console.

3. Click Members.

4. Click Invite members.

5. Enter the email addresses of people you want to invite, and click Send invites.

If a team member already has a Dropbox account that they use for work, they can convert an existing personal account to a Dropbox Business account. Alternatively, they can create a new account altogether.

Note: If a Dropbox user is already on another Dropbox Business team, you can't invite them to your team using the same email address. Try inviting a different email address.

Train your team

Educating and supporting users throughout their transition to Dropbox is critical to the success of your deployment. By proactively providing training on Dropbox, you can reduce IT overhead and promote engagement in your new team space. Dropbox offers free, flexible training experiences for different learning needs and styles.

We recommend that you invite your team to complete the Dropbox onboarding guide designed for team members. This guide helps new business users add and share files, find troubleshooting resources, and more.

Further training

In our self-guided learning library, your team can pick and choose topics, as well as explore Dropbox features at their own pace and with their own work in mind. As an admin, you can create the optimal learning journey for your team by assigning specific topics in the training.

Your team could also join a free Dropbox learning live session. These walk new users through core Dropbox functions with the interactivity of a virtual classroom.

Invite your team

Once pilot users have tested your configuration and training, it’s time to onboard your entire team to Dropbox Business. The method you use to invite users depends on your current environment, the size of your team, and how IT provisioning is currently managed at your company. You can choose to invite members through the admin console or an integration.

How to: Onboard your team to Dropbox Business

Through the admin console

This is recommended for pilot users and small teams

1. Sign in to using your admin credentials.

2.Click Admin Console.

3. Click Members.

4. Click Invite members.

5. Enter the email addresses of people you want to invite, and click Send invites.

Note: You can also import a CSV file or create a team invite link if you’d like to invite members to your team in bulk.

Through an integration

Email templates

You can streamline your Dropbox deployment by communicating expectations to your team along the way. To easily invite members to your team, we’ve created a few email templates with the most important points.

Browse our list of recommendations and take a look at templated messages for suggested communications to your IT team, executives, pilot users, and end users.

Email templates

Send a pre-invite email

We recommend that all admins send a pre-invite announcement 1-2 weeks before your Dropbox Business rollout.

Pre-invite email template

Invite team members through the admin console

Send an email the day (or the day before) you invite your team through the Dropbox Business admin console.

Admin console invitation template

Send a reminder email for admin console invitations

If a week passes and some team members still haven't accepted the invite, send a friendly reminder.

Admin console reminder template

Invite team members through SSO

If you integrated Dropbox with an SSO provider, use this template to invite new members to join your team.

SSO invitation template

Send a reminder for SSO invitations

If a week passes and some team members still haven't accepted the SSO invite, send a friendly reminder.

SSO reminder template


Invite your team members to Dropbox training

Whether your team members are new to Dropbox or are seasoned pros, our Business product presents new features and complexities. We offer multiple guides and trainings to help your team onboard and use Dropbox to work better. Invite your team members to training with this template.

Dropbox training invitation template


Get help

There’s a lot more to Dropbox than we’ve had the chance to cover here. While this guide helps you walk through the most important steps for getting started, you can learn even more with our support resources.

Get all your questions answered in the Dropbox help center. FAQs, quick fixes, and official info on every Dropbox feature.

No matter what you need, it’s just a search away.

Join our community

The Dropbox community is a place to participate and collaborate on answers, solutions, and ideas about the products and services we all love and want to improve. Also, check out the conversation on Twitter support.

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