The Dropbox Data Governance Add-On

The features in this article are available to Dropbox Business teams that have purchased the Dropbox Data Governance Add-On. To purchase the Data Governance Add-On, contact your Dropbox sales executive or fill out the Dropbox Business contact form.

The Dropbox Data Governance Add-On helps Dropbox Business admins secure and control team data so they’re prepared for any compliance or audit needs.

Legal holds

With legal holds, admins can place a legal hold on members of their team and view and export all the content that’s been created or modified by those members.

Learn more about legal holds.

Data retention

Admins can create data retention and disposition policies to help them meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Learn more about data retention.

Extended version history

The Dropbox Data Governance Add-On increases file version history to 10 years, so teams have more time to recover files.

Learn more about extended version history.

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