Team folders

Think of a team folder as a hub for sharing content. When you add a file to a team folder, it’s automatically available to all members of the group who have access to it. Only admins can set up and manage team folders. Admins can also invite others outside the group to view or edit specific files, folders, and Dropbox Spaces within a team folder.

Anyone can set up additional shared folders and Spaces, giving your coworkers the flexibility to collaborate with specific people.

How to: create a team folder

In the content manager, you can organize the folder structure in your new team space. From the content manager, team admins can also manage membership of shared content.

     1. Sign in to with your admin account.

     2. Click Admin Console.

     3. Click Content.

     4. Click New folder.

     5. Choose if you want everyone on your team to have access to this folder or only specific groups or members.

     6. Choose if members should have Can edit or Can view access to the contents of the folder.

Can edit: Members can view, edit, and manage access to the contents of the folder.

Can view: Members can only view (and download) the contents of this folder.

     7. Click Create.

Note: By default, anyone with edit permissions to a folder has edit permissions to all subfolders inside it. For example, if members of a group can edit “Design,” they can also edit any folders inside “Design,” unless you limit their access to a folder.