How to use activity, notifications, and recents lists

This information is unique to your account and meant to help you access your most important files and folders. Information is accessible through the Dropbox desktop app, Dropbox mobile app, and


Your Activity feed displays the files you recently opened and/or edited, starting with the most recent.

To view your activity:

  • On the desktop app, click the Dropbox icon in your notification center (Windows) or menu bar (Mac), then the Activity tab. Within the Activity tab, you can switch between You and Shared to see your activity or your shared-file activity. 
    • If you’re a member of a Dropbox team account, you can switch between You and Team to see your activity or your team’s shared-file activity.

Note: The Activity feed can't be accessed through the mobile app or


On the desktop and mobile apps, your Notifications feed displays all activity on your Dropbox files and shared files.

To view your notifications:

Learn more about notifications and how to turn them on and off.


On the mobile app and, your Recents feed is similar to your Activity feed but is focused on only your activity.

To view your recent activity:

  • On the mobile app, tap the Home tab at the bottom, then the Recent tab near the top.
  • On, go to All files, then click Recents in the left sidebar.
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