Join a Dropbox Business team

To join a Dropbox Business team, you need to accept an invitation from that team’s admin. If you haven’t received an invitation, you can request to join a Dropbox Business team.

How to accept a Dropbox Business invitation

Admins can invite you to their Dropbox Business team by email or a team invite link. Follow the instructions below for the type of invitation you received.

If you received an email invitation

To accept an invitation you received via email, open that email and click Join your team. Follow the prompts to create a new Dropbox account or, if your organization has enabled single-sign on (SSO), sign in to your SSO provider.

Note: If you’re being prompted to sign in to your personal account when you click Join your team, ask your admin to cancel and resend the invitation to your work email address.

If you received a team invite link

  1. Click the link.
  2. Sign in with an existing Dropbox account, or create a new account.
  3. Click Accept Invitation.

Request to join a Dropbox Business team

If you’d like to join an existing Dropbox Business team, visit to see the list of teams you can join. An admin of the team can then accept or deny your request.

Note: You can only join one team, even if more than one team appears on

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