Move files between two Dropbox accounts

Dropbox Business users: If you've connected and signed in to both your personal Dropbox and work Dropbox on a computer, see our special instructions for moving files between your Dropboxes.

The easiest way to move files between accounts is through a shared folder.

From your first account...

  1. Sign in to the account that has the files you'd like to move.
  2. Create a shared folder and invite your second account.
  3. Manually move files by dragging and dropping them into your newly created shared folder.
  4. Sign out of this account. your second account

  1. Sign in to the Dropbox website using the email address for your second account.
  2. Visit the Sharing tab to accept the shared folder invitation from your first account.
  3. Go back to the file browser and find your new shared folder.

You can now move the files from the shared folder to other places in your Dropbox. Once the files are moved out of the shared folder, they are no longer accessible from the Dropbox of your other account. You can choose to leave the shared folder or keep it around just in case you ever need to exchange files between the accounts again.

Moving shared folders

If you already have shared folders in one account and want to access them from your other account, be careful! Moving them into the new shared folder will cause you to leave the shared versions of these folders. Your local copies of the folders will no longer sync with changes other members make. To avoid this, keep the shared folders where they are and invite your other account to join the folders (or ask the owners of the folders to send invitations).

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