How to move files between a team and personal account

Updated Jan 26, 2024

If you have a Dropbox team account and a personal account, you can log in to both accounts on the same computer and drag and drop files from one account to the other. 

To do so:

  1. Connect your accounts.
  2. Open your Dropbox desktop app preferences.
  3. Click the Account tab.
  4. If you’re already logged in to your work account, click the Personal tab. Or, if you’re already logged in to your personal account, click the tab with your organization's name.
  5. Click the Link button.
  6. Enter the password for your second account.
  7. In Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac), you’ll now see two Dropbox folders. You can open one folder, select the files you want to move, and drag and drop them into your other folder.  

If you have multiple Dropbox Professional, Family, Plus, or Basic accounts,
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