Why am I being prompted to join a Dropbox Business or Enterprise team when I sign in to my personal Dropbox?

Domain verification allows a team admin to verify ownership of an email domain with Dropbox. If you're being prompted to join a Dropbox Business team when you try to access your personal Dropbox or Paper account, it means two things have happened:

  • You created a Dropbox Basic, Plus, or Professional account using an email address on your company or workplace domain
  • The admin of the Dropbox Business team at your company has claimed ownership of this domain

What do I do if I'm being prompted to join a team?

If you're being prompted to join a Dropbox Business or Enterprise team, simply follow the instructions on screen. You will have two options:

  • Transfer your existing account—and all of its data—to your Dropbox Business or Enterprise team.
    • Note: If you select this option, the team admin will have access to all of the files in your existing Dropbox. Nothing will change in the account itself, and nothing will change in the files or folders. However, you will need to begin using your team's specified authentication method, if necessary (for example, single sign-on).
  • Keep your account separate from the Dropbox Business or Enterprise team. If your account has mostly personal content, you can update the email address on this account to an email address that doesn't use your company domain.
Once you've selected how you'd like to join the team, click Continue. You may then need to re-verify your email address to prove you have current access to your company email—If necessary, check your company email address to verify your access to the company domain.

Will a team admin have access to my personal files?

Transfering an existing account to a Dropbox Business team will give the team admin immediate control over—and insight into—your account. If you create a secondary, personal Dropbox account, your team admin will not have direct access into this personal account. However, if you have linked your personal Dropbox to a work device, your company may gain access to your personal account via this device.

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