Dropbox for teams: Can admins see my account?

If you’re a member of a Dropbox team account, your admin can access your account using the "sign in as a user" feature. Your admin may sign in to your account to do any of the following:

  • View a team member's folder structure
  • Share files and folders with others
  • View, open, and download files
  • Delete files, or restore deleted files

Note: The “sign in as a user” feature doesn’t allow your admin to open and access your personal account if you've linked your personal Dropbox account to your team Dropbox account. However, they can view the name and email address of your linked personal account.


To protect organization data, admins can determine whether you can share files and folders with people who aren’t on your team. Admins have access to activity logs that allow them to view the email addresses of people with whom you’ve shared.


By default, Dropbox allows you to link both a personal and a work Dropbox to a computer at once. Admins have the ability to prevent you from linking both accounts, but this only applies to the Dropbox desktop app, not mobile devices or dropbox.com.

Camera uploads

Admins have the ability to enable or disable camera uploads for the entire Dropbox team account.

Learn more about using camera uploads with your Dropbox team.


By default, everything in your Dropbox team account is private. Other team members won't be able to access your files unless you share them using shared links or shared folders. Admins on Dropbox team accounts can view files in your account using sign in as user.

Note: This only applies to files and folders stored in the team member folder.

Learn more about account and file privacy on a Dropbox team account.

Leaving your organization

If you leave your organization, an admin can remove you from your Dropbox team account. They can either suspend, delete, or convert your account. 

Learn more about leaving a Dropbox team account.

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