How to archive or restore a Paper Doc

The creator or editor of a Paper doc can archive it, which makes that doc read-only for everyone it was shared with (meaning no one can edit or comment on the doc). Creators can also restore an archived doc, delete it, or permanently delete.

Archive a doc

If you're a creator or editor of a doc, you can archive the doc. Archived docs are still accessible to those you shared it with, but they become read-only (meaning no one can edit or comment on the doc).

  1. Click "" (ellipsis) on the doc you’re viewing.
  2. Click Archive.

To view all archived docs:

  1. Click Home in the upper-left corner. 
  2. At the top of the file list, click Docs
  3. On the right, click Viewed recently and select Archived. You'll se a list of all of your archived docs. .

Notes about archived docs:

  • If you have can comment permissions on a doc, you can't archive the doc. If you'd like to be removed from the doc, contact the creator.
  • If you archive a doc, we'll notifiy the people that doc was shared with. (This is only true for people who have opted in to receiving emails from Dropbox Paper.)
  • Those you've shared a doc with can still search for—and view—that doc, even after it's archived.

Add a note to an archived doc

Archived docs are read-only. A banner will be added at the top of the doc indicating who archived it, and this banner can also contain notes about the doc if you choose to add them. To add a note to the doc:

  1. Click Add a note.
  2. Add a note (such as a link or text).
  3. Click Save.

Note: Docs which were filed in a Paper folder can be found in the Archived tab for that folder.

Restore a doc

After a doc is archived or deleted, you can restore it. When you restore a doc, it's restored for everyone who previously had access to it. To restore a doc you archived:

  1. Sign in to Paper.
  2. Click Docs.
  3. Click Archived or Deleted.
  4. Click the doc you'd like to restore.
  5. Click the Restore button that appears.

Delete a doc

If you're the creator of a doc, you can delete it at any time. Deleting a doc will move it to the Paper trash bin.

For Basic (free) and Plus users, deleted docs are stored for 30 days. For Business users, deleted docs are available for 120 days. For Professional users, deleted docs are available for 180 days. Dropbox Plus users who purchased extended version history have one full year to recover files. Paper docs in the trash bin are permanently deleted after this time period has elapsed.

To delete a doc:

  1. Click "" (ellipsis) on the doc you’re viewing.
  2. Click Delete.

Notes on deleted docs:

  • If you delete a doc, the people it's shared with won't be notified
  • Once you delete a doc, anyone who clicks the link for that doc will see a This file has been deleted message

A note on docs archived before June 1, 2017

Paper docs archived before June 1, 2017 will be moved to the Deleted tab in Paper (instead of remaining in Archived).

Previously, Dropbox Paper didn't offer an easy way to delete docs. So, many users would use Archive to remove docs from their list of docs, when they actually meant to delete them. Now that Paper has an option to delete, we'll be moving all archived docs to the Deleted list.

If a doc you'd like to keep ends up in the Deleted list, not to worry: you can easily move these docs back to the Archive list.

Permanently delete a doc

Once a doc is deleted, the owner can then permanently delete it. Permanently deleted docs can't be restored. To permanently delete a doc:

  1. Click "" (ellipsis) on the doc you're viewing.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Go to the Deleted tab on the Paper home page.
  4. Hover over the doc you'd like to permanently delete, and check the box that appears.
  5. Click Permanently delete.
  6. Click Permanently delete again.

Note: Team admins can restrict the permanent deletion of docs on Dropbox Business teams.

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