File version history overview

The amount of time Dropbox stores previous versions of your files depends on the plan you have. Check which plan you have

  • Basic (free): 30 days
  • Plus: 30 days
  • Business (Standard, Advanced, Enterprise, or Education): 120 days
  • Professional: 180 days

Not using Dropbox yet? See how Dropbox helps makes it easy to manage your document version history.

If you previously purchased extended version history on your Dropbox Plus account, you have one full year to recover previous versions. 

How to view older versions of files

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Files to find the file you'd like to see previous versions of.
  3. Select the checkbox that appears to the left when you hover over the file.
  4. Click Version history.
  5. Select one of the versions to preview it.
  6. To restore to an older version, click the Restore button.

Note: Version history is not updated when a file is edited offline or outside of Dropbox. 

What happens if I upgrade to a plan with a longer version history? 

If you upgrade to a plan with a longer version history, your new version history window starts on the day you upgrade.

For example, if you upgrade from a Basic plan with a 30-day window to a Professional plan with a 180-day window, you'll be able to view all deleted files and edits within the next 180 days, but you won't be able to view deleted files or edits from 180 days ago. 

Does version history use my storage quota?

No, version history doesn't take up any of your available storage quota.

What happens to the version history if I rename or move a file or folder?

If you rename or move a file or folder, that action is listed in the file or folder’s version history. You can restore a version of that file or folder 

Notes on version history

  • Version history limits do not apply to Paper and other web-based files
  • Dropbox saves version history for all types of files
  • Dropbox does not save version history for folders, including application bundles
    • Common application bundles end in .key, .pages, and .app

Looking to recover deleted files or older versions of folders? Learn about all of the ways you can restore or find a missing file.

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