Lenovo | Dropbox Cloud Storage: an overview

Updated Jan 26, 2024
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This article describes a feature available to some Lenovo customers.

Lenovo customers who don’t already pay for a Dropbox subscription will be eligible to purchase new plans as part of Lenovo | Dropbox Cloud Storage.

What are the different plans available?

The following plans are exclusively available to Lenovo customers: 

  • Dropbox 100 GB trial
    • Note: This is a trial version of Dropbox 100 GB. The trial lasts for 90 days. If you don’t want this trial to automatically convert into the Dropbox 100 GB plan, you’ll need to cancel it through Lenovo before the trial ends.
  • Dropbox 100 GB
  • Dropbox 200 GB 
  • Dropbox 500 GB 
  • Dropbox 1 TB 

These plans give you everything you can get on Dropbox Basic, with extra storage. With any of these plans you can sync your files to Dropbox, connect up to 3 devices, and manage your login info with Dropbox Passwords.

Dropbox Backup, Dropbox Plus, and Dropbox Professional plans are also available for Lenovo customers to purchase.

Can I use Dropbox on my other devices?

Yes, you can use Dropbox to access your files across 3 different devices. The Dropbox desktop app runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You can also download apps for Windows, iOS, and Linux mobile devices.

How do I purchase one of these plans?

You can only purchase these plans through Lenovo. 

If you’re eligible, you’ll see a pop-up window titled Lenovo | Dropbox Cloud Storage. From here, you can view the plans available, make your purchase, or sign up for the trial offer. 

You can also find the plans available on the Lenovo Cloud marketplace.

Which Lenovo devices are eligible?

All Lenovo and Lenovo subsidiary devices (NEC, Medion, and FCCL) purchased after 2015 are eligible.

Who is eligible?

Lenovo customers who don’t already pay for a Dropbox subscription will be eligible to purchase any of these plans, or sign up to the trial version of Dropbox 100 GB, as part of Lenovo | Dropbox Cloud Storage. This includes:

  • New users 
  • Users on Dropbox Basic 

Existing Dropbox customers aren’t eligible for the trial and can’t upgrade or downgrade their plan through Lenovo | Dropbox Cloud Storage.. 

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Note: It’s not possible to use a Lenovo ID to join a Dropbox team account or access a team trial.

Can I cancel or upgrade to a different plan?

Yes, for billing-related support queries, including cancellations, upgrades, and downgrades, reach out to Lenovo by email at dbxsolutions@lenovocloudsoftware.com

Where do I go for customer support?

For queries about using the product, contact Dropbox Support.

For queries about plans, login issues, or billing for Lenovo | Dropbox Cloud Storage contact Lenovo by email at dbxsolutions@lenovocloudsoftware.com

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