Join a Dropbox Business team

To join a Dropbox Business team, you need to accept an invitation from that team’s admin. If you haven’t received an invitation, you can request to join a Dropbox Business team by submitting a membership request. The admin of the team can then accept or deny your request.

Accept a Dropbox Business invitation

To accept an invitation you received via email:

  1. Locate the email invitation to join your team's Dropbox Business account.
  2. Click the Join your team button.
  3. Set up your work Dropbox by filling in your name and creating a password.
  4. Agree to the Dropbox terms and click Create account.

Note: If your company has enabled single sign-on (SSO), you’ll follow a similar path. However, you’ll also be asked to sign in to your SSO provider, which uses your work email address and password. If you have any issues signing in on a page that is not the Dropbox website, check with the admin of your Dropbox Business team.

I received a team invite to my personal email address—what should I do?

A Dropbox Business invitation will only work for the email address it is sent to. If you are being prompted to join a Dropbox Business team when you sign in to your personal Dropbox and you don’t want to use your personal email address for your Dropbox Business team, ask your team admin to cancel the initial invitation and resend it to your work email address.

To accept an invitation you received via a shared link:

  1. Click the link.
  2. Sign in with an existing Dropbox account, or create a new account.
  3. Click Accept Invitation.
  4. Click either Combine accounts or Create new account.

Learn more about what your team has access to if you choose to combine accounts.

Request to join a Dropbox Business team

Any Dropbox user with a verified email address on a company domain can request to join a team.

If you created your Dropbox with a personal email address:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click your name in the bottom left corner.
  3. Enter your work email address (if you have one), and click the Get started button.
    • If a team exists on the domain you enter, you will be prompted to join it.

If you created your personal Dropbox with a business or work email:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Team.
  3. If a team using your company domain already exists, you’ll see a prompt to Join Team.

Which teams you can request to join

If there is a Dropbox Business team on your company domain, Dropbox Basic and Plus users can request to join that team. If there is more than one team on a domain, users can see all available teams, but can join only one of them.

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