How to use Dropbox Replay with Avid Pro Tools

Updated Apr 01, 2024
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 Dropbox Replay is available to all Dropbox users on 

Dropbox Replay is a rich media review and approval tool that allows collaborators to mark up, comment, and finalize video, image, and audio projects. With the Dropbox Replay integration for Avid Pro Tools, you’re able to utilize the functions of Replay alongside Avid Pro Tools.

How to install the Dropbox Replay app

The Dropbox Replay app is available to all users, and you must download it to use the Avid Pro Tools integration.

To install the Dropbox Replay app:

  1. Click the link to download Dropbox Replay. A window will appear prompting you to download the Dropbox Replay app. 
  2. Click the Download for macOS button.
    • A zip file will download to your computer.
  3. Click the zip file to open it.
    • You’ll find the zip file in your browser downloads folder. 
  4. Double click Dropbox Replay from the options displayed.
    • You’ll be prompted that Dropbox Replay is an app download.
  5. Click Open.
  6. Log in with your Dropbox credentials to link your account to the Replay app.

How to connect Avid Pro Tools to Dropbox Replay

To connect Avid Pro Tools to Dropbox Replay:

  1. Open a session in Avid Pro Tools.
  2. Open the Dropbox Replay app.
  3. When prompted, click Connect.

Your Dropbox Replay will now be connected to your Avid Pro Tools session.

How to upload Avid Pro Tools projects to Dropbox Replay

You can upload your Pro Tools Bounce mixes to Dropbox Replay for review, comment, and feedback.

To upload a Pro Tools Bounce Mix to Dropbox Replay:

  1. Create and save a Bounce Mix in Pro Tools.
  2. Open the Dropbox Replay app.
  3. Click Add files in the upper right corner.
  4. Select Local drive from the dropdown menu.
  5. Select the Bounce Mix you’d like to work on.
  6. Click Open.

Your Pro Tools Bounce Mix will appear in your Replay Workspace.

How to export comments from Dropbox Replay to an Avid Pro Tools project

The Dropbox Replay and Avid Pro Tools integration allows you to take comments from a review session and export them directly into your Pro Tools project.

To export Replay comments:

  1. Open the Dropbox Replay app.
  2. Open a Pro Tools session.
  3. Open the Replay project you’d like to export comments from.
  4. In the Comments panel on the right, click Export to Pro Tools.

Once the process is complete, your Replay comments will appear in your Pro Tools session as markers. 

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