Dropbox admin guide

Dropbox Business is a home for all your team’s work. With an intuitive admin console, team space, and advanced security features, Dropbox gives you the tools you need to get your team up and running.

As an admin for your company’s account, you have special privileges. You can add or remove team members, monitor sharing activity, oversee billing information, and protect company data.

This guide introduces you to the features, permissions, and security controls you’ll manage as a new admin. To learn more about Dropbox foundations like how to sync and share, take a look at the Team Member Guide.

Let’s get started with how to set up your team.

Dropbox in the cloud

Dropbox uses the cloud to store online anything you need for work. It lets you save, access, and share your important stuff from anywhere, at any time, across any device.

When a file is stored in the cloud, you're no longer chained to a single device or your hard drive. Everything you add to your Dropbox account is updated on dropbox.com and on any computer, phone, or tablet you have linked to your account. Make a change or delete a document? That’s reflected, too. Find peace of mind knowing that Dropbox always has your back.

Your Dropbox account

There are 3 ways to access your new account: the Dropbox desktop experience, dropbox.com, and the Dropbox mobile app. To get the most from your Dropbox account, install the apps on your computer, tablet, and phone. Learn more about the apps in the Team Member Guide.


In this guide, we’ll focus on dropbox.com. Sign in to your Dropbox account to add and share your stuff, get team updates, manage team settings and account preferences, and access features like Paper and Showcase, and manage your own account settings.

Sign in to dropbox.com

When you sign up for a Dropbox Business account, you'll be prompted to set up an account on dropbox.com as a team admin. To use Dropbox, you need to sign in to your account with the credentials you selected during this initial setup.

How to sign in to your Dropbox account.

How to sign in to your Dropbox account using Google Sign-in.

I'm having trouble signing in to my Dropbox account.

Secondary admins

You don’t have to work full time for your company’s help desk to be a successful admin. You don’t even have to set up your team alone. We recommend that all teams have at least two admins who can help with specific tasks like managing account security or onboarding new users. If there’s another person who should help onboard your team, add or change an admin.

Dropbox admin console

The admin console on dropbox.com is your central hub for visibility and control. Depending on your admin role and Dropbox Business account, you’ll see different tabs that help you oversee users and team workflow, and invite team members to create accounts.

How to: access the admin console

In the admin console, you can set team-wide controls and permissions, and find account information and support. Explore each section of the admin console before setting up your team:

  • Members: Add or delete team members, monitor their activity and take quick actions (e.g., reset passwords or add another member as an admin). (All admins)

  • Activity: Monitor your team’s workflow by viewing specific events or creating full reports. You can access more detailed information by clicking on a team member's name. (Team and user management admins only)

Learn more about different types of admins.

  • Team folder: Use a team folder to automatically share and manage content with the groups that need it. Only admins can create or delete a team folder. (Team admin only)

  • Groups: With groups, both admins and team members can create lists of people who should have access to the same files, folders, and Dropbox Spaces (based on departments, teams, or projects). (All admins)

  • Account: Add more licenses to your plan, update billing information, and review billing history. (Team admin only)

  • Help: Get access to resources such as the help center and this guide, or contact your account team for additional help. (All admins)

Up next: Dropbox team space

The Dropbox team space is where your team can share and collaborate. Next, we’ll learn how to onboard your team, organize folders and Dropbox Spaces in the team space, set sharing permissions, connect third-party apps, and manage defaults for security, syncing, and Dropbox Paper.


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