How to set up Dropbox Capture

Dropbox Capture is currently in beta and is subject to additional terms.

System requirements for Dropbox Capture are Windows 10 (or later) and macOS 10.14.4 (or later).

Dropbox Capture is a tool for users to create and communicate with screenshots, screen and audio recordings, and video messages. 

How to install Dropbox Capture

To install Dropbox Capture:

  1. Go to and click the download button.
  2. After Capture has downloaded, launch the file to begin the installation.
  3. When Capture has installed, click the Capture icon in your system tray (Windows) or the menu bar (Mac) to open the application.

Note: When you first open Capture, you’ll need to sign in using your Dropbox user name and password.

Once opened, you can click “⁝” (vertical ellipsis) in the upper-right corner to access the dropdown menu where you can set your preferences, get help from the Dropbox Community, provide feedback, and learn about recent product updates.

How to update Dropbox Capture

Windows users can update Capture by closing the app and relaunching or by clicking here to reinstall the application.

Mac users can click “⁝” (vertical ellipsis) in the top right corner of the Capture home screen and select Check for updates.

How to customize keyboard shortcuts for Dropbox Capture

To access or edit keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Click “” (vertical ellipsis) in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Click Shortcuts at the top of the menu.

How to change the theme of Dropbox Capture

By default, the theme of Dropbox Capture will automatically match your computer. To change the theme to Light or Dark:

  1. Click “” (vertical ellipsis) in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Use the dropdown next to Theme to select an option.

Learn more about Dropbox Capture

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