How to use Dropbox Replay with third-party integrations

Dropbox Replay is currently in beta and is subject to additional terms.

Dropbox Replay is a video collaboration tool that allows users to consolidate comments, provide feedback, and finalize video projects. With Dropbox Replay integrations, you’re able to utilize the functions of Replay within multiple video editing platforms.

Below are the current platforms offering integrations with Dropbox Replay. 


With this integration, you will be able to export content from WeVideo directly to Dropbox Replay. 


With the LumaFusion iOS app, you can import videos directly from Dropbox Replay. From there, you can view and add comments.

Note: You will not need to install the Replay integration in LumaFusion as it will be available by default.

DaVinci Resolve from Blackmagic Design

Using the Dropbox Replay integration for DaVinci Resolve, you will be able to view and add comments that will sync-to-frame in Replay.

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