How to use Dropbox Replay within LumaFusion

Updated Dec 11, 2023

You can use the Dropbox Replay and LumaFusion integration to share and get feedback on project files from collaborators.

The following features are included in the Dropbox Replay and LumaFusion integration:

  • See and respond to comments on source media stored in Dropbox Replay.
  • After uploading your project to Dropbox Replay, you can receive and respond to Replay comments directly from LumaFusion.
  • Share project files with collaborators and LumaFusion editors.

How to connect Dropbox Replay to LumaFusion

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Note: You must have a Dropbox account to use this integration.

To connect Dropbox Replay to LumaFusion:

  1. Open LumaFusion.
  2. Click the Library Sources icon.
  3. Click Add/Edit Sources.
  4. Click Replay.
  5. Sign in with your Dropbox credentials. 

A Replay window will open in LumaFusion.

How to edit Dropbox Replay files in LumaFusion

To  edit Dropbox Replay files in LumaFusion:

  1. Open LumaFusion.
  2. Navigate to Source library.
  3. Click Replay.
  4. Navigate to the Replay file you’d like to edit.
  5. Click the file to open it. 
  6. Edit the file like you normally would.

You can also add comments by clicking Replay on the Preview transport bar. Comments added in LumaFusion will appear in Dropbox Replay, and vice versa. 

How to export a LumaFusion project to Dropbox Replay

You can export LumaFusion project files to Dropbox Replay. Any existing Dropbox Replay comments will be preserved, and any new comments added to the file from Dropbox Replay will appear on the timeline in LumaFusion.

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Note: LumaFusion can only write to your Replay folders, but cannot delete files.

To export your project:

  1. Open LumaFusion.
  2. Open the project you’d like to export to Dropbox Replay.
  3. Click Export.
  4. Click Movie.
  5. Select Dropbox Replay as your destination.
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Note: You can choose an existing Dropbox Replay folder or create a new one to export to.

  1. Once you’ve exported your project file to Dropbox Replay, any new comments or annotations added in Replay will appear in both Dropbox Replay and LumaFusion.
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Note: Existing comments aren’t preserved when you export new project files. Only comments added after the export will appear in Dropbox Replay and LumaFusion.

You can upload LumaFusion project package files to Dropbox Replay for storage or sharing purposes, but you can’t play these files in Dropbox Replay.
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