The Dropbox Security add-on

The Dropbox Security add-on provides teams on Dropbox Standard with an extra layer of security by detecting suspected ransomware, classifying personal information, and alerting admins of suspicious activity.

Note: The features in the Security add-on are included with Dropbox Advanced and Dropbox Enterprise. Ransomware detection and security alerts are turned on by default, and admins can choose to enable automatic data classification.

Dropbox Security add-on features

Ransomware detection

Ransomware detection helps prevent malicious ransomware attacks from spreading by detecting suspicious activity early. Admins can manage ransomware detection alerts in the admin console.

Learn about ransomware detection.

Data classification

Data classification helps teams stay compliant with corporate and government regulations by allowing admins to automatically track and report on personal information stored in team folders, team member folders, and shared folders, such as: credit card, passport, bank account, and social security numbers.

Learn about data classification.

Security alerts

With security alerts, admins will receive email notifications whenever suspicious behavior, risky activity, and potential data leaks are detected.

Learn about security alerts.

How to get the Security add-on

The Security add-on is available to purchase for Dropbox Standard teams. 

To purchase the Security add-on:

  1. Sign in to with your admin credentials.
  2. Click Billing in the left sidebar.
  3. Click Add next to Security add-on in the Available add-ons section.
  4. Click Confirm.

You’ll be charged for the add-on as soon as you purchase, at a prorated amount. On your next billing period, your subscription cost will include the full price of the add-on.

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