Dropbox AI: an overview

Updated Jan 23, 2024
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This article describes alpha features available to customers:

  • On Dropbox Professional, Essentials, Business, Business Plus, and some customers on Dropbox Basic, Plus, Family, Standard and Advanced.
  • In countries with the preferred language set to English*.
    • Excluding Canada, the UK (United Kingdom), and countries within the EEA (European Economic Area).

Dropbox AI is subject to additional terms

*Some exceptions apply.

Dropbox AI uses generative AI to answer questions and summarize large files so you don’t need to manually sort and search through large volumes of information.
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Note: These features are only available on dropbox.com.

Features included

  • Summarize a document or video in seconds: Have AI generate easy-to-read summaries of long documents to save you time and effort when searching for what you need. 
  • Quickly find answers: Reduce the time and effort spent looking for direct answers in large and complex files by asking a question in the search bar or in a file preview and getting an answer. 
  • Get to your files faster: Quickly find what you need by typing a command in the search bar using everyday language instead of keywords.
  • Take the guesswork out of searching: Spend less time opening and reading every file with short, automatically generated highlights of each file in your search results.
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