Dropbox for Windows update: an overview

Updated Jun 04, 2024
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This article describes an update available on all Dropbox plans. 

The Dropbox for Windows update is focused on the changes introduced with Microsoft’s new sync API called Cloud Files. This update applies to Windows 10 (21H2 and above) devices. To properly integrate with Windows going forward, we have revamped our sync engine to make use of the Cloud Files API.

Dropbox is actively working to preserve the reliability and quality of our sync experience along with these changes. The Cloud Files API is an update to previous OS integrations, making sync features like placeholders easier to maintain and more secure.

How to get the Dropbox for Windows update

If you’re eligible for this update, migration will begin automatically. Your content won’t be affected during this process.

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  • If you have a large amount of files, this migration may take some time to complete.
  • Access to your Dropbox content won’t be disrupted during migration.

Some Windows users with the following complex configurations won’t be migrated at this time:

  • Accounts with 500K or more files
  • Teams with an Account Manager or Customer Success Manager
  • Running the legacy or non-updated version of Dropbox Backup

These users will continue on their existing Dropbox experience.

How to opt-out of the Dropbox for Windows update

If you don’t want to use the Dropbox for Windows update at this time, you can opt-out through your Advanced settings page. To do this:

  1. Log out of the Dropbox desktop app.
  2. Log back into the Dropbox desktop app.
  3. Click Open Dropbox.
  4. Make your selections on the onboarding screens.
  5. When setup is finished, click Advanced settings from the final screen.
  6. Click Opt out under Dropbox for Windows updates.
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