How to use Dropbox Replay with WeVideo

Updated Dec 11, 2023

You can use the Dropbox Replay and WeVideo integration to share, manage, and provide feedback on video projects.

How to export WeVideo projects to Dropbox Replay

To export your file or project to Dropbox Replay:

  1. Open your project in WeVideo.
  2. Click Finish at the top-right of the editor.  
  3. Click the thumbnail of the file or project you’d like to export.
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Note: You can change the thumbnail of your export at any time even after it has been exported. Select Change thumbnail on the share page and drag the slider to choose a new thumbnail.

  1. Click the box at the top to enter a title.
  2. Under Export, choose VideoAudio only, or GIF.
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Note: .gif files upload to Dropbox Replay as static images.

  1. Under Resolution, select the resolution for your export.
  2. Under Destinations, click the Dropbox Replay icon (one black and blue arrow pointing left) and sign in.
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Note: You can also sign in to Replay in advance by navigating to the Connected apps section of the Account settings page in WeVideo.

  1. Toggle on Mark export for public to share your file or project. Leaving it turned off keeps your export private. 
  2. Click Export.
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  • Videos can’t be longer than 2 hours.
  • Files will be exported to .mp4, .mp3, or .gif format, depending on your export selection.

How to get feedback with Dropbox Replay

You can get feedback on WeVideo projects by commenting on the project file in Dropbox Replay. Comments added in Replay are reflected on the WeVideo timeline. Learn how to add comments in Dropbox Replay.

For questions about using WeVideo, explore the WeVideo support center.

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