How to use Dropbox AI in a file preview

This article describes an alpha feature available to all Dropbox Pro customers in the US. It’s also being rolled out to some select Dropbox teams to test. Dropbox AI alpha is subject to additional terms. By using this feature, you must consent to data sharing.

Dropbox AI is a tool that lets you quickly summarize content and get answers about your files. This feature is available on

How to use Dropbox AI 

You can use Dropbox AI when you preview text-based, audio, or video files. To use this feature with a file that someone has shared with you, you’ll need to save it to your Dropbox account.

 To use Dropbox AI in a file preview:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the name of a file to open a preview.
    • The file must be compatible with Dropbox AI.
  3. Click the Dropbox AI icon (sparkle) in the right or top bar. 
    • Note: Before using this feature for the first time, you’ll need to consent to Dropbox sharing selected files with OpenAI. To do this, click Get started then Agree. Read more in the privacy section at the bottom of this article.
  4. Type your question in the Ask something about this file bar.
  5. Press enter or click Ask.
    • Or, click Summarize for a quick overview of the file.
    • Specific pages will show under the answer to tell you which sections of the file contain the answer.

What types of files can you use Dropbox AI with?

You can use Dropbox AI in file previews with the following types of files:

  • Video files that contain speech or voice
  • Audio files that contain speech or voice
    • Note: Dropbox will generate a transcript for video and audio files if one doesn’t already exist. It may take a while to generate a transcript before you can ask questions about your file. Answers to questions about video or audio files will be based on the file’s transcript. Dropbox AI does not yet use the visual or content of videos to answer questions.
  • Text and text-adjacent files
    • Raw text files
    • PDFs with selectable text
    • Microsoft Office documents
    • eBooks

Which languages does Dropbox AI work with?

Dropbox AI is compatible with files in 32 different languages. You can also ask for answers and summaries to be produced in other languages. For example, by asking ‘Summarize this file in Arabic’. 

You can use Dropbox AI in file previews with files that contain the following languages:

































Admins: Opt in to early releases

To give your team early access to Dropbox AI:

  1. Log in to with your admin credentials. 
  2. Click Admin console
  3. Click Settings in the left sidebar. 
  4. Click Early access.
  5. Click Enroll.
  6. Click Enroll again to confirm.
    • To reverse this decision, click Unenroll. Then click again to confirm.
    • To send feedback, click Send feedback and choose the type of feedback from the dropdown. Then, add a comment and click Send feedback.


The Dropbox AI feature is powered by OpenAI. When you use Dropbox AI in file previews to ask questions or summarise files, those files are sent to OpenAI. Dropbox only sends the files you use Dropbox AI with. Your files and the questions you ask won’t be used to train OpenAI’s language models. The contents of your files are only used to service your request. By using the feature, you’re granting Dropbox permission to use this feature and OpenAI on your selected files.

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