How to use dynamic filters

Updated May 09, 2024
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This article describes an alpha feature available to some customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico with English set to their primary language on Dropbox Plus, Professional, Essentials, Family, Standard, Business, Advanced, Business Plus, and Enterprise. Dynamic filters are subject to additional terms.

Dynamic filters is a new feature that helps you find content faster by showing filters that are unique to your files.
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Note: Dynamic filters are only available on


  • Navigate through your content more precisely: Find what you’re looking for using multiple filters to narrow your search in seconds.
  • Sort multiple content types in just a few clicks: Organize data thematically and easily locate content, regardless of file type.

How do dynamic filters work?

Powered by Dropbox-built AI, dynamic filters use the context of your folders and files to automatically generate personalized content filters. Some examples are:

  • Content themes
  • File extensions 
  • Collaborators involved

Dynamic filters are generated using an internal machine learning model. This means that your data is not sent outside of Dropbox in order for dynamic filters to work. 

How to use dynamic filters

If you're selected for the dynamic filters alpha, you'll see an automatically generated set of custom filters above your file list on Click on one or multiple at a time to activate the filters.

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  • Unique dynamic filter options will appear based on the folder you’re searching within. 
  • You can select up to five filters at a time to narrow down your search.

To hide the dynamic filters feature:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click “ dots hamburger menu” (vertical ellipsis) next to the filters.
  3. Click Hide dynamic filters
    • This process will let you show the dynamic filters again by clicking Show dynamic filters.
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