How to suspend a Dropbox team member

Updated Mar 25, 2024
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The information in this article applies to certain types of admins on Dropbox Professional, Essentials, Standard, Business, Advanced, Business Plus, and Enterprise.

Certain types of Dropbox admins can suspend a Dropbox team member. 

Suspended team members lose access to their Dropbox team account, including all files, folders, and Paper docs. Additionally, their account:

  • Can be unsuspended later
  • Is logged out of all devices
  • Will still function with shared folders and shared links

If you want to recover deleted files from a suspended account, you have until the version history period ends (180 days for most teams).

How to suspend a team member

  1. Log in to with your admin credentials.
  2. Click Admin console.
  3. Click Members.
  4. Click the “” (ellipsis) beside the name of the user you want to suspend.
  5. Click Suspend.
  6. Select Suspend and choose whether to delete this user’s files from any devices they may be logged into.

How to unsuspend or delete a suspended team member

  1. Log in to with your admin credentials.
  2. Click Admin in the far left sidebar.
  3. Click Members.
  4. Click Suspended.
  5. Click the “” (ellipsis) beside the name of the desired user.
  6. Click Unsuspend member or Delete member.

7.   Click Unsuspend or Delete.

If you unsuspend a team member, they immediately regain access to their account. They receive an email stating that their account is active again, and they can log in using their existing password (unless your team uses SSO).

What should I do if my account is suspended?

If you're a team member and your account has been suspended, you should receive an email letting you know. If you have a personal Dropbox account, the suspension on your business account won't affect it.

If you need access to your account, you'll need to speak with your admin. If you don't know who your admins are, try contacting your organization's help desk, IT department, or management team for help.

What happens if I'm using Active Directory?

Changes made to user status in Active Directory are only pushed to Dropbox team accounts if you use the Dropbox AD Connector or a third party application. In most cases, user state changes only move in one direction (from Active Directory to Dropbox team accounts), but this depends on the particular application you're using.

Will a suspended user still count as a provisioned license on my team account?

Yes, suspended users will continue to count as a provisioned license on your team. This means that a suspended user’s data and sharing relationships remain intact as long as the account is suspended and available to the account admin.

If you'd like to reduce the number of licenses on your team, you can delete the suspended user's account. Once the account is deleted, you can choose to transfer that account to someone else on your team.

Is someone leaving your organization? Learn best practices for offboarding a Dropbox team member.
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