File and folder icons, symbols, and colors

This is a glossary of icons, symbols, and colors that appear on your files and folders in your Dropbox account.

If you’re looking for a different icon that isn’t listed here, check this article on sync icons.

Camera uploads folder

A folder with a symbol of a camera is the camera uploads folder. If you enable the camera uploads feature on your mobile device, this is where pictures and videos are stored. Learn more about camera uploads.

Dropbox folder

Blue folders without a symbol on them are regular Dropbox folders that aren’t shared with anyone. You can use them to store files and other folders. Learn how to create and use Dropbox folders.

Locked file or folder

A file or folder with a lock icon in the corner is a locked file or folder. You can lock a file or folder to keep others from editing it. Learn how to lock or unlock a file or folder.

Restricted folder

A blue folder with a minus sign inside of a circle on it is a restricted folder. Restricted folders are only available to Dropbox Business teams. While, most folders inside team folders are shared with the whole team, restricted folders are only shared with certain team members. Learn more about restricted folders.

Shared folder

Blue folders with a symbol of people on them are shared folders. (On and the mobile app, the symbol has two people and on the desktop app, it has three). A shared folder is a folder that you’ve shared with others or that others have shared with you. Learn how to share folders with others.

Shortcut to a webpage

A file with an arrow in the bottom corner is a shortcut to a webpage. If there’s no other icon that can be used from the webpage, the file will have a globe icon on it too. Learn more about storing shortcuts to webpages in Dropbox.

Team folder

Blue folders with a symbol of two buildings on them are team folders. (The symbol also resembles a bar graph or two vertical lines). Team folders are only available to Dropbox Business teams and are created by an admin. Learn more about team folders.

Team member folder

A folder with one person on it is a team member folder. Team member folders are only available to members of Dropbox Business teams with the team space folder structure. Learn more about the team space and team member folders.

Unidentified file type

A file with a UFO on it is an unidentified file type. To make it identifiable to Dropbox, add the appropriate file extension. For example, if the file is a JPG, add “.jpg” to the filename. Learn how to rename a file.

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