When was Dropbox Showcase shut down?

On January 31st, 2021, Dropbox shut down Dropbox Showcase. You can no longer create new showcases, access your past showcases, or view any statistics related to your showcases. However, any files within your showcases were stored in your Dropbox account, so you didn’t lose access to them.

Why was Dropbox Showcase shut down?

Through feedback from users, Dropbox determined that showcase was being used primarily to deliver final files and gather analytics. Dropbox offers dedicated features specifically for those needs.

What features can I use instead of Dropbox Showcase?

The following features can help you deliver final files and gather analytics, similar to how you could with Dropbox Showcase.

Available to all Dropbox users:

  • Dropbox Transfer — Easily and securely send large files and confirm delivery of those files.

Available to Dropbox customers on Professional and Business plans:

  • Branded sharing — Present shared files and folders with your logo, organization name, and a background image.
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