How to share files and folders with Dropbox Family

Updated Jan 29, 2024
Dropbox Family is a great and simple way to get everyone in your family organized. If you’re having trouble with sharing files within your Dropbox Family, this article will explain how Dropbox Family storage works and how to share files and folders with Dropbox Family.

How does shared storage on Dropbox Family work?

On a Dropbox Family plan, every file or folder in a Family member’s account only counts once toward the total storage space quota.

Sharing files and folders with other members of the same Family plan doesn't count toward the storage quota again. 

If you share with someone outside of your Family plan, or if someone outside the plan shares with you, those files will count toward both your account quota and theirs.

All members of a Family plan can see how much storage space has been used, and how usage is divided between members.

How to check your storage space

  1. Log in to
  2. Click your avatar (profile picture or initials).
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Plan. "Space available: and "Space used" are shown. 
    • To see each Family member’s usage, click the arrow next to Everyone else’s files.
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Tip: Maximize storage space by sharing with Family members, instead of saving copies of the same file. If plan members have copies of a file in their individual accounts, each file counts towards storage quota used—but a file that is shared among members only counts once.

How do shared files and folders on Dropbox Family work?

When you share a file, Family members will have access to the file in their own Dropbox account. Documents, photos, and other files stored in Dropbox are updated automatically, so everyone with access to a file sees the same version. 

You can share folders in the same way as files. Anyone you share the folder with will have access to the files inside. 

What is the Family Room folder?

All Family members have access to a common folder called “Family Room” that can’t be deleted, moved, or renamed. Each member can find the Family Room folder in their own Dropbox account—it looks like a folder with two or three people on it. It's a place where your family can organize and access all types of files, from receipts and tax documents to photos and school work.

How do Family Room folders work? 

When you upload or create files and folders inside the Family Room folder, all Family plan members will automatically have edit access to those files and folders. Any Family member can remove files from the Family Room folder at any time. When content is removed, other members won’t see it in their Dropbox accounts any longer. 

How to make a Family Room folder

The Family Room folder is automatically generated and you can’t create additional Family Room folders.

Who manages a Family Room folder?

The Family plan manager is the owner of the Family Room folder. If the Family manager cancels or changes the plan, each member will keep a copy of the folder in their own account.

Who can access a Family Room folder?

Any time the manager invites new members to the plan, the new members will automatically have access to the Family Room folder when they join. 

If the Family manager removes a member from the plan, the manager can choose whether or not the member keeps a copy of the Family Room folder. If a member leaves the plan, they’ll no longer have access to the Family Room folder, or have a copy in their own account.

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Note: If you’d like to send specific files and folders from the Family Room folder to people outside your Family plan, you can use Dropbox Transfer to deliver a copy they can download or save in their own Dropbox account. You can’t transfer or share an entire Family Room folder with people outside the plan.

What are the sharing permissions on a Dropbox Family plan?

Family members can choose to share files and folders with edit access or view-only access. Members can share with a single family member, or all of the members on their plan.

What can family members do with edit access files?

With edit access, family members can make changes to files and folders that are shared with them. These changes will be saved on the shared version, so everyone who has access to it will see the changes.

What can family members do with view-only access files?

With view-only access, family members can view and add comments to shared files and folders, but they can’t make any changes. 

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Note: Files and folders in the Family Room folder automatically allow edit access to all Family plan members.

How to share files on Dropbox Family

On a Dropbox Family plan, you can share files with other family members just like you share any other file in Dropbox, such as sharing through email or sharing through a link.

Having trouble with your Dropbox Family account?

If you’re experiencing problems with your Dropbox Family account, learn how to troubleshoot issues with joining a Family plan. Alternatively, you can contact Dropbox support.

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