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Does customizing the title of a file in a showcase also change that file’s name in my Dropbox?

No. If you customize the title of a file in a showcase, the name of the original (or "source") file in your Dropbox account remains the same. Customizing a file title in a showcase does not change metadata for the source file in any way.

Does a showcase use Dropbox storage space?

No, a showcase does not use additional Dropbox storage space. Only the files within the showcase use your storage space. 

Files that weren’t previously stored in your Dropbox account go directly into a folder in your account called Showcase uploads. Files that already exist in your Dropbox account, but that you uploaded from another source (your downloads folder or somewhere else), also go directly into Showcase uploads. The only files in your showcase that don’t get stored in Showcase Uploads are files that were in your Dropbox account already and were uploaded to your showcase directly from your Dropbox account.

Do I have to keep files in my showcase synced to my Dropbox account?

The files in your Showcase are stored in a folder in your Dropbox account called Showcase uploads. If you delete an item from your Showcase uploads folder, the file will disappear from your showcase and be replaced by an icon.

What file types preview in a showcase?

Any file type that previews in Dropbox will also preview in a showcase.

See a list of the file types that will preview in Dropbox.

How do I vary the number of columns throughout my showcase?

You can increase or decrease the number of columns in a section by changing the number of items in each row using the Items per row slider. If you’d like to vary the amount of items in rows throughout your showcase (for example, a row of two items directly above a row of three items), you can create new sections, each with a different number of Items per row.

What's the difference between a showcase and a folder?

Both a showcase and a folder do similar things, in that they're ways of packaging (or "bundling") files in your Dropbox account. You can then share this package with others.

Note: If you edit the files in a showcase or a shared folder, recipients will always see that latest version of the file.

There are three main differences between a showcase and a folder:

  • A folder is simply a list of the files within it, whereas a showcase allows you to curate the files on a branded page with visual previews, custom layouts, and file captions
  • You can track activity on a showcase; this can't be done on a folder
  • Any given file can only exist in a single folder, whereas a file can be included in multiple showcases

Can I save a showcase as a template?

No. Currently a new showcase is always a blank slate. However, you can copy an existing showcase.

Do the people I share a showcase with need to have a Dropbox account?

No. Recipients can view a showcase you've shared with them, even without a Dropbox account.

However, the people you've shared a showcase with will need a Dropbox account—and be signed in to that account—to leave comments on your showcase.

What does a showcase look like for the people I share it with?

You can preview what a showcase will look like for the people you share it with.

The showcase looks just like the version you edit, with one main difference: Recipients won’t see the options to add, move, or delete files.

Learn more about sharing your showcase.

Who can edit a showcase?

Only the owner (or creator) of a showcase can edit it.

However, if you have shared files in your showcase, anyone you've shared those files with can edit them. Those changes would then appear in the showcase.

Will a showcase work on a phone or tablet?

Yes. If you share a showcase with someone, they'll be able to open and view it on any device: computer, phone, or tablet. All images and text will appear, regardless of the device.

Note: You can't currently create or edit a showcase on a phone or tablet.

What if I edit the source of the files that are in my showcase?

If you edit one of the files that's shared in a showcase, those changes will reflect in the showcase itself. Anyone who views, opens, or downloads the files in that showcase, will also see those changes. In this way, a showcase works much like a Dropbox shared folder: those with access will always see the latest copies of the files.

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