Why is there a gray minus sign next to my folder?

If you see a gray minus sign next to a synced folder in the Dropbox folder on your computer, it means that there is an unsynced folder in your Dropbox account online that has the same name and is in the same location.

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How do I remove the gray minus sign from my folder?

To remove the gray minus sign: 

  1. Use selective sync to sync the unsyced folder to the Dropbox folder on your computer. 
  2. You’ll see the words “selective sync conflict” appended to the name of the synced folder on your computer. 
  3. All of your files are still safe in both folders. Here are some options you can take:
  • Simply leave them alone, and let one continue to have the name appended with “selective sync conflict”
  • Change the name of the conflict folder
  • Consolidate the files you need from both folders into one folder
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