Dropbox slow to sync? How to fix speed issues?

There are several ways to check the progress of files uploading or syncing to Dropbox.

Not using Dropbox yet? See how Dropbox makes syncing files easy.

How to check the status of sync and uploads

On your computer

To check the progress of syncing files on the Dropbox desktop app, right-click the Dropbox icon in the system tray or menu bar (or single-click, on a Mac). You can also monitor the transfer speed, the number of files remaining, and the estimated time until completion.

  • To see which files and folders are still uploading, view the status icons.

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On a phone or tablet

The Dropbox mobile apps will preview the most updated files available, but only download the files when you request them.

To download or sync updates to your phone or tablet, launch the app and tap a file, or open the Offline files tab. If you don’t see a file, pull down to refresh the file view.

Learn more about the syncing status of Dropbox files on a mobile device.

On the Dropbox website (dropbox.com)

If you edit a file on your computer, phone, or tablet, the changes should automatically sync to dropbox.com. However, if the device you edited the file from is offline, or if Dropbox isn’t running on that device, then automatic sync won’t work. To fix this, check the following:

  • Is your device is connected to the internet?
  • Is the Dropbox app running?
  • Are you signed in to the same Dropbox account on your computer, phone, tablet, and dropbox.com?
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