Send and track: an overview

The features described in this article are available to customers on Dropbox One.

The send and track workflow operates separately from DocSend standalone plans. To learn more about DocSend, visit the DocSend help center.

Securely share files and understand how recipients view and engage with your content with Send and track, powered by DocSend.

Features included

Custom security settings

You can customize the security settings of links created using the send and track workflow. Security settings include requiring an email address so you understand who has viewed your files, setting an expiration date to turn off access to the file after a certain date, adding a password for access, and allowing your shared file to be downloaded. 

File share tracking

When you share files through the send and track workflow, you’ll receive daily email notifications that show how many times your files have been viewed.

Note: When a viewer is required to use an email address to view your content, the notifications will also show who viewed your file and for how long.

File share analytics

When you share files through the send and track workflow, you can access advanced sharing analytics, such as when your file was viewed, for how long, and the geographic location of where the file was viewed.

Learn more about uploading and sharing files with Send and track.

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