How to delete a member from a Dropbox Business team

If someone leaves your organization, an admin can either:

Note: If you want to place a legal hold on a member of your team, you must create the legal hold before you delete the member. You can’t place legal holds on deleted team members.

How to delete a Dropbox Business team member

Deleted team members immediately lose access to their Dropbox Business account, along with all files, folders, and Paper docs. After deleting a team member, admins can choose to reuse that license and invite another person to the team.

To delete a team member:

  1. Sign in to with your admin credentials.
  2. Click Admin Console.
  3. Choose the Members tab.
  4. Click the gear icon next to the name of the person you want to remove.
  5. Select Delete member.
  6. Choose when to transfer this member’s file content to another team member and whether to delete content from this member’s devices next time they come online.
    • Under Do you want to transfer this member’s file content to another team member?, select either Transfer now or Transfer later.
    • Under Do you want to delete content from this member’s devices next time they come online?, select Yes or No.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Review the Delete account completely screen to confirm selection.
  9. Click Delete Account.

What happens when I delete a team member?

When you delete a team member's account, several things happen:

  • The team member loses access to the account, including all files and Paper docs
  • Any shared links created on that account are disabled
  • Dropbox stops syncing files to the team member's computers and mobile devices
  • The team member receives an email telling them that an admin deleted their account and that they no longer have access

Can I delete my own account?

As the admin of a Dropbox Business team you can't remove your own account from the team. Instead, you need to make another member of your team an admin, and then have the new admin remove your account.

Can team members delete accounts?

No, Dropbox Business team members can't delete their own accounts. You’ll need to get help from your Dropbox Business admin in order to leave your team

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