Why am I being asked to sign in to an enterprise mobility management app instead of the Dropbox mobile app?

This article describes a feature available for customers on Dropbox Enterprise.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) allows organizations to manage mobile device usage on organization apps, networks, and devices. With Dropbox EMM, Dropbox Enterprise teams can work with third-party EMM vendors to gain more control over how members use Dropbox on mobile devices.

If you're unable to sign in to a Dropbox mobile app, it may mean that your team's admin has enabled EMM. Read below to discover what to do next.

I'm unable to sign in to Dropbox, and being directed to an organization's Dropbox app instead—why, and what should I do?

If you're automatically signed out of the Dropbox mobile app, and you're instead being directed to an organization's Dropbox app, it means your team's admin has enabled EMM.

To continue accessing Dropbox on your mobile device, you will likely need to visit your organization's app store to download the Dropbox managed (EMM) app for either iOS or Android. You'll then access your Dropbox Enterprise account from this managed app using your work account credentials.

Your team's admin or IT admin can provide additional information about setup.

What should I do to get started with EMM?

To enable EMM and use it to continue accessing your Dropbox work account, first speak with your Dropbox team's admin or your organization's IT help team. Setup and troubleshooting steps will vary depending on your organization's particular EMM configuration.

With EMM enabled, what visibility will my team's admin have into my Dropbox account?

Dropbox Enterprise admins cannot access your personal Dropbox account. However, they will have visibility into your work account and your organization-issued device.

Additionally, the EMM provider may give your team's admin greater visibility into your usage of:

  • The Dropbox mobile apps, including how often you use them
  • What networks you've accessed the Dropbox mobile app from
  • Overall device usage and management

Learn more about the visibility a team admin has into your Dropbox account.

Can I use both a personal and a work Dropbox account on the same device?

Learn more about connecting a personal and a work Dropbox account.

Can I have both the regular and the EMM Dropbox apps on the same device?

Yes, you can use both apps on the same device. However, you will only be able to sign in to your work Dropbox account on the managed (EMM) app. Likewise, you will only be able to access your personal Dropbox account from the regular Dropbox mobile app.

On iOS devices, Dropbox EMM will be a brand new app called Dropbox EMM in the Apple app store. For Android devices, we have made changes to the existing Dropbox app, building off of the Android for Work device management framework.

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