What is Dropbox Spaces

In the fall of 2019, Dropbox introduced Dropbox Spaces along with a new Dropbox desktop experience.

Adding additional features to any folder turns it into a Dropbox Space. These features make it easy to organize your content and stay on top of things. 

Features of a Space include: 

  • A text description
  • Pinned files and folders
  • Links
  • Lists and to-dos
  • @mentions to other Dropbox users
  • Comments
  • File activity

You can give people can-edit or view-only access to a Space the same way you would a folder. Only people with can-edit access to a Space can edit its features. When you turn a folder into a Space, it’s shared with the same people it was shared with before, with the same can-edit and view-only permissions.

Spaces can be viewed on dropbox.com, the Dropbox desktop app, and the Dropbox mobile app in the same places you can view folders.

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