What to do if the Dropbox desktop app won't install

Updated Sep 07, 2023

If the Dropbox app on your computer won’t install, the simplest solution is to try downloading the full installation instead of the regular installation. They both install the Dropbox app, but the full installation doesn’t require an internet connection.

Troubleshooting for failed installation of the Dropbox desktop app

Make sure your antivirus software or firewall isn’t blocking the installation.

Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run the Dropbox desktop app.

Make sure you’re installing the latest version of the Dropbox desktop app.

If you’re trying to run Dropbox on a corporate network (your organization’s Wi-Fi), make sure it’s supported.

If you’re using a Dropbox team account, contact your team admin and make sure they’ve approved your device for installation.

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Note: If you're trying to install Dropbox on a Mac that you aren't the administrator for and these troubleshooting steps aren't working, you may need to install Dropbox manually. Learn how to resolve errors when installing the new version of Dropbox on a Mac.

Why can’t I use Dropbox on a corporate network?

The Dropbox desktop app may not install or sync on corporate networks. If you’re not sure if Dropbox is supported on your corporate network, contact your organization's network administrator.

Some corporate networks are behind HTTP proxy servers that use NTLM authentication, which Dropbox currently doesn't support. However, some users have been able to use an intermediate proxy, such as NTLMAPS or cntlm, to run Dropbox on their network.

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