How to use Advanced Team & Content Controls

The Advanced Team & Content Controls add-on is available to Dropbox Business Advanced and Dropbox Business Enterprise customers through the Dropbox sales team. If you’re a Dropbox Business admin and you’d like to learn more about this add-on, contact your Customer Success Manager.

The Advanced Team & Content Controls add-on, powered by BetterCloud, lets admins securely deploy, manage, and govern their Dropbox Business teams with one operations management tool.

For example, admins can use this add-on to:

  • Protect their data by scanning for sensitive content 
  • Automate alignment with a company’s specific security standards on a granular level
  • Have visibility into team activity and create comprehensive reports
  • Streamline customizable workflows and employee onboarding and offboarding

This article walks admins through the steps to install and utilize the add-on for their Dropbox Business teams.

Install and integrate the add-on

To install the Advanced Team & Content Controls add-on and integrate it with Dropbox, follow the login and installation steps in the BetterCloud Help Center.

Set up alerts

With alerts, admins can monitor security concerns in real-time and avoid data vulnerabilities. Visit the following links for a full overview on how to set up alerts:

Visit this article to see all of the available Dropbox alerts.

File Shared Externally” alert

The “File Shared Externally” and “Folder Shared Externally” alerts notify you when any Dropbox file or folder is shared directly with a user outside of your Dropbox team. Admins can also scan externally shared files for sensitive content. Learn how to set up the “Files Shared Externally” alert.

“Sensitive Data Scanned” alert

The “Sensitive Data Scanned” alert notifies you when your domain’s files contain sensitive data and can trigger an automated remediation workflow. Learn how to set up the “Sensitive Data Scanned” alert.

Note: This alert only scans content created after the add-on is set up. Admins can use “Select Scans” and “File Audits” to scan past content.

Build automated workflows

Workflows allow admins to automate actions across a Dropbox Business team using “if, then” logic. In the “Workflow Manager”, admins can view and control all workflows in one place. Visit the following links for a full overview on how to build workflows:

Account Capture workflow

Admins can receive an alert when team members have been chosen to migrate their independent Dropbox account into their Dropbox Business team. This alert can be used to ensure that team member settings conform with security policies. Learn how to build the “Account Captured” workflow.

Note: The “Account Capture” or “All Users Capture” feature is only available to Dropbox Business Enterprise teams.

Onboard and offboard employees

Onboarding workflows can automatically add new team members to all required groups and folders. Offboarding workflows can quickly restrict users from sensitive data and delete them from linked devices when someone leaves a Dropbox Business team or changes roles. Visit the following links to learn how to build onboarding and offboarding workflows:

Scan content

Admins can scan both new and existing content in their Dropbox Business team to locate and avoid data vulnerabilities and check for security compliance. Visit this article to learn how to scan the content in your Dropbox Business team.

Note: Admins can also set up a “Sensitive Data Scanned” alert.

Audit the results

Admins can conduct audits from their content scans with customized conditioning. Visit this article to learn how to audit the results of your content scan.

Trigger a workflow from a “Go Forward” policy

Once a content scanning alert is published, it can be used as a workflow event. Visit this article to learn how to trigger a workflow from a “Go Forward” policy.

Take action on files violating a scan or policy

Admins can take customizable actions against files that violate a policy they’ve set up. Visit the following links to learn how to take action on file violations:

Features for the Advanced Team & Content Controls add-on

Data protection                                                                

  • Create alerts for internal and external threats                                    
  • Detect and protect sensitive information as it’s uploaded                         
  • Search for and protect sensitive information in existing content                   
  • Prevent unauthorized sharing to files and folders                                  
  • Create custom remediation workflows                                                

Visibility and control                                                               

  • Search and audit all content and permissions in a single view                      
  • Take bulk actions on files and folders across the entire team                      

User lifecycle management                                                          

  • Enforce service request processes with Account Capture notifications and workflows 
  • Grant users access to relevant content based on group, hierarchy, and role        
  • Set up custom offboarding workflows that mirror your processes                     
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