Using BetterCloud for Dropbox

BetterCloud for Dropbox is available to Dropbox Business Advanced and Dropbox Business Enterprise customers through the Dropbox sales team.

If you’re a Dropbox Business team admin and you’d like to learn more about BetterCloud for Dropbox, contact your Customer Success Manager. Then, follow these instructions in the BetterCloud Help Center to set up the Dropbox integration.

BetterCloud is a SaaS operations management solution that integrates directly with Dropbox Business, allowing team admins to securely deploy, manage, and govern Dropbox with one centralized tool.

For example, BetterCloud for Dropbox enables admins to:

  • Manage file permissions from a centralized dashboard
  • Automate onboarding and removal of team members
  • Set up alerts and policies to search for sensitive data and avoid data vulnerabilities
  • Make one-off and bulk actions on files and folders across a team
  • Enforce granular policies that align with an organization’s approach to security
  • Create custom automation workflows based on Dropbox Triggers, Actions, and IDP Triggers

Learn more about BetterCloud for Dropbox in this BetterCloud Help Center article.

Set up Dropbox Alerts in BetterCloud

Learn what types of alerts are available in BetterCloud for Dropbox.

Learn how to set up and manage alerts in BetterCloud.

Set up Dropbox Events, Conditions, and Actions in BetterCloud

Learn what types of Events, Conditions, and Actions are available in BetterCloud for Dropbox.

What features are available in BetterCloud for Dropbox?

The following features are available for the BetterCloud for Dropbox solution:

Service Feature

BetterCloud for Dropbox

SaaS Management


User & Group Management


File Management

Currently in beta

  • Team Folders are not yet supported
  • Recursive permissions and links are not yet supported


  • Dropbox Triggers & Actions
  • IDP Triggers (Okta, Office 365, Google)
Workflow Notifications


  • Email (Gmail, Office 365), Slack
State-Based Alerts


Activity-Based Alerts


  • Team Folders are not yet supported
  • Recursive permissions and links are not yet supported

Privilege Delegation


Data Protection (Beta)


Content Scanning

Currently in beta

  • Recursive permissions and team folders not included in beta
  • File added to folder event is supported
  • Historical Content Scanning has limited file capacity in beta

DLP Remediation


Advanced Features




Integration Center

Not included

Custom Integrations

Not included

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