Why was my credit card declined?

If you were purchasing Dropbox for the first time, the most common reason why your card may have been declined is because of a typo in the card number or billing address.

  • Try entering in your card number and billing address again, and double-check to make sure the details are right. 

If your payment failed to automatically renew, the credit card associated with your account may have expired.

If you continue to receive a credit card processing error, we recommend contacting your bank or credit card provider. 

Note: Customers in India with recurring payment plans may see renewal failures due to a Reserve Bank of India mandate. You will have the option to use UPI as a payment method at checkout.

What happens when there’s an error processing a Dropbox Business payment?

If your payment for a Dropbox Business account gets declined, we recommend you update your billing information as soon as possible.

If a payment continues to fail, eventually we won’t be able to renew your team subscription. Your files will be safe, but your team will be temporarily locked until you update your payment method or disband the team.

Still having trouble? 

If you’re still having trouble processing a payment, sign in with your admin credentials and click this link to contact support.

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