How to use the Dropbox Sign and Greenhouse integration

The Dropbox Sign and Greenhouse integration allows you to generate and send offer letters to candidates for signing directly within Greenhouse Recruiting. Signed offers are then automatically stored within the candidate profile.


This integration works with Dropbox Sign Standard and Premium plans. Learn more about Dropbox Sign plans. 


Note: This is a paid add-on with pricing based on the number of signature requests you send using the Dropbox Sign integration. When you connect with TEAM IM, please provide an estimated number of signature requests per year you anticipate processing through this API, your contact details, and estimated length of the subscription. 


Learn more about connecting your Dropbox Sign and Greenhouse accounts with TEAM IM.


Installing Dropbox Sign in Greenhouse Recruiting


To install the integration:


  1. Sign in to Greenhouse Recruiting.
  2. Follow the steps to create a Harvest API key in the Dev Center
  3. Follow the steps to configure the API and create the necessary callbacks. 
  4. Create the Dropbox Sign custom fields under Custom Offers.


Note: Once your API key has been created, you will need to share it with TEAM IM by emailing in order for the integration to work. 


How to send an offer letter with Dropbox Sign in Greenhouse Recruiting


To send an offer letter using the Dropbox Sign integration:


  1. Sign in to Greenhouse Recruiting.
  2. Select the appropriate candidate profile.
  3. Click Manage Offer.
  4. Click Create Offer to build a document with text tags.
  5. Click Offer Details.
  6. Click Update and fill out the remaining custom offer fields.
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Upload under Offer Details and attach your offer document with text tags.
  9. Click Update.
  10. Select Send from the dropdown menu under Send to Dropbox Sign
  11. Click Save.


Watch this video for an example of this workflow.

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