Dropbox Business plans

For the last year, your team has enjoyed features of the Advanced plan of Dropbox Business. Now, you need to choose which plan is right for you and your team.

We offer the right plan for your business, no matter your size or needs. As an existing customer, the Standard and Advanced plans look a little different for you:

  • Standard—All the features listed under Standard, with 10 TB of space and no API limits
    • Note: If you visit the Business plans page linked above, you'll see reference to a 3 TB team space limit. Please know that this is the limit for new teams (teams who are newly purchasing Dropbox Business). If you're on a legacy team that was migrated to a Standard plan, the 10 TB limit still applies.
  • Advanced—All the features listed under Advanced
  • Enterprise—for larger businesses requiring scalable custom solutions with individualized support

Learn more about the features and pricing of each Dropbox Business plan.

Choose your plan

If you’d like to change your plan, you need to take action before your next renewal date. If you take no action your team will upgrade to the Advanced plan on your 2018 renewal date. Learn how to find your renewal date.

Learn more about these changes and join the discussion on the Dropbox Community.

Change your plan

If you pay by credit card, check or change your plan:

  1. In the email you received about your renewal, click Select your plan now. Or click take action now in the banner at the top of the admin console.
  2. Click Select plan.
    • If you’d like to keep the Advanced plan, click Continue with Advanced
    • If you’d like to move to the Standard plan, click Explore other options. Then select Standard.
  3. Click Go to plan summary.
  4. Click Confirm plan.

If you pay by bank wire and you want to change your plan, respond to the email you received.

The Advanced plan

If your team chooses the Advanced plan of Dropbox Business, your team continues to have access to admin features like Single Sign-On, domain verification, and device approvals. Your team will also have as much space as you need.

The Advanced plan costs more than the Standard plan. If you choose the Advanced plan, you may see an increase in price. However, as an existing customer, your price is lower than the advertised price.

The Standard plan

If your team chooses the Standard plan, your team continues to have access to many of our Business features. As an existing customer, your team will also have access to 10 TB of space and no API limits.

My team is billed annually—when will the new plans take effect?

If your team is billed annually, your new plan will take effect on your next renewal date.

For example, if your renewal date is December 31, then your new plan takes effect December 31, 2018. Until that date, your existing plan will remain the same, with no changes to your pricing or storage.

My team is billed monthly—when will the new plans take effect?

If your team is billed monthly, your new plan will take effect on the date in the email you received. Until that date, your existing plan will remain the same with no changes to your pricing or storage.

How will I be notified that my team's account is up for renewal?

You'll receive plenty of notice from Dropbox ahead of your renewal date. You'll receive multiple reminders from us, including:

  • Notifications directly in the Dropbox admin console
  • Emails to the email address associated with your Dropbox Business account

Note: Your account's team admin can change the email address associated with the account if needed.

What features are available for each Dropbox Business plan?






Sharing and file controls        
Sharing—admin sharing controls
Sharing—team member controls
Extended version history 120 days 120 days 120 days 120 days
Content manager

Basic functionality

Account and team administration        
Tiered admins
Enhanced audit logs
as user
Account access        
Required two-step verification
Single sign-on (SSO)
Active Directory connector
User management        
Groups and group admin controls
Deleted user recovery
Suspend users
Device management        
Remote wipe
Device visibility

Basic functionality

Basic functionality

Device approvals
Devices API
Enterprise mobility management (EMM)
Network control
Domain ownership        
Domain verification and invite enforcement
Domain insights and account capture
Other features        
Dropbox Paper
See who has viewed a shared file
Full text search
Mobile access        
Mobile offline folders
Document scanner
Service and support        
Full email support
Live chat support
Phone support
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