Can I get a refund on a Dropbox subscription?

In most cases, payments for Dropbox subscriptions and team member licenses aren’t refundable.

If you have an issue with your account, or think there’s been an error in billing, please check your support options for more help. 

If you'd like to cancel or downgrade your subscription:

Learn how to cancel or downgrade a Dropbox subscription purchased on

Learn how to cancel a Dropbox subscription purchased with a mobile device.

How to request a refund from the Apple App Store

If you purchased your Dropbox subscription through the Apple app store, you'll have to request your refund from Apple directly.

To request a refund, follow these instructions from the Apple support page:

  1. Log in to your App Store account here and report a problem with a purchase. 
  2. Click Report a Problem next to the Dropbox app. 
  3. Choose a problem, write a description, and click Submit. 
  4. Apple will contact you with a decision on your refund request.

Note: Apple only accepts refund requests for purchases made within the last 90 days.

How to request a direct debit refund

If you paid for your Dropbox subscription with a direct debit payment, please contact your bank for a refund as only your bank can process a chargeback request.

What happens when I submit a chargeback request?

Any chargeback requested from your bank will downgrade your Dropbox subscription to a Dropbox Basic (free) plan.

If you have a Dropbox team subscription, a chargeback request will cause your team to be placed in a locked state, which allows the team to continue access to the team files, but removes most team syncing and sharing features. The team admin will need to choose to disband the team or re-subscribe. 

Live in the EU, UK, or Turkey?

If you live in the EU, UK, or Turkey, you’re eligible for a refund if you cancel your Dropbox Plus, Family, or Professional subscription within 14 days of purchase. To request a refund, contact support for assistance.

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